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Michael and Francisca Foundation (MFF)

Michael and Francisca Foundation (MFF) is a Non Governmental organisation which is to create public encouragement on Stroke and provide support for all impacted by stroke and given them hope that, there is Life after Stroke.

Michael and FranciscaFoundation objectives are to create awareness about these three important facts:

  • Risks of stroke can be reduced or prevented.
  • Early rehabilitation reduces long-term dependency.
  • There is life after stroke.

Michael and Francisca Foundation can

  • Michael and Francisca Foundation knows that

  • Provide social support groups, which have been shown to have a positive impact on rehabilitation

  • Advocate and act on behalf of people affected by stroke

  • Help people who make decisions about stroke care understand what is important to the people affected by stroke

  • Help stroke professionals communicate better with people affected by stroke.


I am grateful to God for these reasons: the fact that you prevailed and you giving hope to so many.

Ade Obi

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