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Michael and Francisca Foundation

Michael and Francisca Foundation

Michael and Francisca Foundation (MFF) is a  registered Non Governmental organization with the Corporate Affairs Commission  CAC/IT/NO 95282 which is to create public  Awareness  and encouragement on Stroke. Hence to provide support for all impacted by stroke and given them hope that, there is Life after Stroke.

To Create awareness through this Three (3) important facts:

  • Risks of stroke can be reduced or prevented.
  • Early rehabilitation reduces long-term dependency.
  • There is life after stroke.


To create public awareness on stroke and provide encouragement and support for all impacted by stroke giving them hope.


To inform the public that” There is Life after Stroke”

From research that exists on strokes worldwide

  • Around 17 million people worldwide suffer from stroke every year . Of these 17 million people, About a quarter of strokes happen in people aged less than 65 years
  • Stroke leaves around one third of victims permanently disabled
  • Recurrent stroke is common in stroke survivors and around a quarter of people who recover from their first stroke will have another one within 5 years.

In Nigeria

World Health Organization, WHO, report shows that children, including the newborn are victims of stroke. This is contrary to the general belief that it is a disease for the aging and old people.

  • They estimates that stroke is the second leading cause of death among people above 60 years and the fifth leading cause of death in people aged 15 to 59.
  • 39% of Stroke Survivors in Nigeria die within 3 months Like 168,000 cases per annul, these may be higher?

What Is Stroke?

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