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Our Objective


Will see that:

To build hospitals where stroke patient will be treated and taken care of

Ensure that the Government should be able to PASS A BILL on the treatment of stroke, if possible free treatment

Government should be able to give free medicine or at a reduce prices for individual affected by stroke

Demand a partnership to construct Rehabilitation center.

Run Stroke support group

Provide social support groups, which have been shown to have a positive impact on rehabilitation

Will develop information about stroke through Website, Social media, Television and Radio

Stroke Awareness Ambassador

Help people who make decisions about stroke care understand what is important to the people affected by stroke

Help stroke professionals communicate better with people affected by stroke

Advocate and act on behalf of people affected by stroke



Some of the topics which we will discuss with stroke victims

Dealing with Finances after Stroke

Addressing the risk of post stroke Depressor

Meeting people with similar injuries and sharing ways to recover fromstroke

Dealing with post stroke fatique



From my findings,

There is an increase number of stroke and many people with disability after stroke

Lack of awareness and organization in dealing with the effect of stroke

To prevent stroke and reduce their effect through campaigning, education and research

To prevent stroke by promoting healthy life styles

Increase awareness and acknowledgement of stroke to get people talking about it

Promote awareness on stroke by educating the public