Stories of Stroke Victims

Stories of Stroke Victims 2017-09-09T09:56:17+00:00

Mrs Taiwa Alarape

I came back from the market where i do my trade in oranges, Prepared food , bath, ate and sleep. I Suddenly woke up to urinate and found out that i couldn’t walk or move at that time i was confused and tired. It was as if i don’t have strength again so i started to PRAY and God in his Infinite Mercy has been able to keep me since a year ago.

I have not been able to go to the hospital because of money and my drugs.


Mrs Mary

I went to work that fateful day and came home. After my evening chores, I Pray and slept but couldn’t sleep, but I was okay during the day. After a long time I slept off and woke up the next morning but I manage to get up but couldn’t. I called my children and they took me to the hospital. After carrying out series of text on me, the doctor said I am suffering from stroke.