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World Stroke Day 2019

29th of October was the world stroke day and we celebrated it at Sacred Heart Catholic Church Ogudu-Ojota Lagos on the 26th of October which was Saturday with some of the SSO members that are the Stroke Support Organization.

The world stroke day is tagged “Don’t be the One” Our Activities carried out on that day was, Blood Pressure Check, Sugar Level texting, Health Talk,  and Business Chat. A team of Physiotherapists was on the ground to help with physical/mental exercise to keep them active and to check the Stroke Survivors one after the other.

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Stroke Awareness 2018

On the 4th of March 2018, we started with the “STROKE AWARENESS CAMPAIGN”. We have visited 6 Churches and the Environs, and still ongoing!!!!

Among the Catholic Churches are;

  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church Ogudu-Ojota Lagos
  • ST Lwanga Catholic Church Military Cantonment Ikeja Lagos
  • Catholic Church of Presentation Agiliti Lagos
  • ST Raphael Catholic Church Anthony Village Lagos
  • St Benjamin Catholic Church Olowora Lagos
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Community Awareness on Stroke Disease

It was on the 29th of July 2017 at exactly 11.00am in the morning, we looked around to see the venue used for “What you don’t know about Stroke”, full of old men, women, and youths. Each full of smiles hope, and talking to one another completely obvious to the fact that they were disadvantaged, they did not see themselves that way at all.

In line with the World Stroke Organization designated programs to increase the awareness of possible complications of stroke and reduce the incidence of stroke in the world.

It is true from available information that Nigerians are either losing their lives or becoming demobilized as a result of the complications of Stroke. It is also a fact that the most affected are the productive youths of our dear country

Recent findings has also shown that stroke is a treatable disease though quite expensive and not readily affordable for poor people but the most beneficial is to avoid being stroked especially when one don’t have the financial strength to access good care facilities.

For us, the most important task at hand is to increase awareness on the causes of stroke, prevention and possible therapy if one unavoidably becomes stroked.