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World Stroke Day 2019

29th of October was the world stroke day and we celebrated it at Sacred Heart Catholic Church Ogudu-Ojota Lagos on the 26th of October which was Saturday with some of the SSO members that are the Stroke Support Organization.

The world stroke day is tagged “Don’t be the One” Our Activities carried out on that day was, Blood Pressure Check, Sugar Level texting, Health Talk,  and Business Chat. A team of Physiotherapists was on the ground to help with physical/mental exercise to keep them active and to check the Stroke Survivors one after the other.


Thank you Fr Vincent Michael Mary Egbu

I want to Thank Fr Vincent Michael Mary Egbu, (FFI) who in all honesty has proven to be a Father, Friend and Care Giver. He introduces and facilitated the In-kind Donation of Drugs from U.M.M.I – Unione Medico Missionaria Italiana.

On the 31st of October 2018; we received a donation of Drugs from the U.M.M.I – Unione Medico Missionaria Italiana and we distributed it to Stroke Survivors who do not have resources to buy the drugs that is the Poor of the poorest people.

Again on the 3rd of February 2019, we distributed drug that was Donated from UMMI.

On the 25th of May we gathered together and held Stroke Awareness Month and also Distributed some drugs

July 21st 2019, we got more Drugs and distributed it to Stroke Survivors, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes etc..


The Report

From the report, most of the survivors cannot afford to feed themselves not to talk of buying drugs, Medication, and Exercises. The majority of them do beg for food.

When I had my stroke, there was nothing like a Stroke Support Group, but I know that my recovery would have been easier if I had been connected with such a group. A group where I could meet other stroke survivors with similar injuries; get to know and communicate with one another, share stories, challenges and inspiration, learn about promising treatment, and new research. This obvious void gave birth to the “Michael and Francisca Foundation” which is a stroke support group and a place where stroke survivors and their relatives connect with one another.

On the 26th of May 2018, the 30th of June, the 25th of August we Stroke Survivors gathered together for the Stroke Support Group meeting and their challenges are numerous. These Stroke Support Group have their meeting on the last Saturday of every month.

It was discovered that the majority of survivors did not go to the hospital due to financial difficulties and those who did were unable to fund their Drugs, medications, and rehabilitation in the long term.